The Stashable Storage Tube - Patent Pending

Stashable Storage Tube - Stash tube shown with cap off

Convenient all purpose storage container
- an endless number of uses -

The Stashable Storage Tube is designed to be portable and can be conveniently carried in a pocket or purse. It can be attached nearly anywhere and in any position.

The Stashable Storage Tube can be used to store anything that you would like to protect from damage, loss, or unauthorized access. It protects the contents from being crushed or ruined by liquids, though its primary function as a security device is delivered through concealed use.

Concealed use provides superior security when compared to conventional methods, such as locks and alarms. By keeping the contents out of sight, a thief has no choice but to be unaware of the item.

The Stashable Storage Tube secures sensitive and valuable items by relocating them from the usual storage locations, such as the glove box, console, dresser drawer, or jewelry box; to a safer, hidden location. A thief is unlikely to expend the extra time searching beyond these traditional locations.

Quite simply...
an item that cannot be found, cannot be taken.

Made in Michigan
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